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Gutter is a magazine of new Scottish and international writing. We look for work that challenges, re-imagines or undermines the status quo; that pushes at the boundaries of form and function; that is striking and beautiful. Gutter Magazine is dedicated to creating space for poetry and prose in Scotland and beyond. For prose, we accept both fiction and creative non-fiction. We will also consider publishing drama scripts of literary merit.

We particularly encourage the submission of work from writers who are underrepresented in literary publications: writers of colour, writers with lived experience of multiple socio-economic deprivation, writers from marginalised ethnic and national groups, LGBTQ writers, and those writing in minority languages. Gutter is invested in Scotland’s literary culture, but strives to look outwards - international writing is included in every issue. 


Issue 21


Submission deadline: 16 September 2019

We're pleased to announce that Issue 21 will be guest edited by Alycia Pirmohamed and Jay G. Ying, and will include featured selections by writers who identify as BAME.

Submissions should be sent via our online portal.

Style Guide:

• Garamond, Times or Arial 12 point, double-spaced and justified.
• If using unconventional typography or layout, please include a pdf.
• Use single spaces between sentences.
• If you are using quotation-marks, use single speech marks for direct speech, and double speech marks for quoted speech within direct speech.
• Use italics for names of newspapers, magazines, books, ships, and trains.
• Use single quotes for names of songs, poems, stories.
• Use ellipsis… (with no space beforehand) or endash – for pauses, and emdash for longer pauses.
• No ‘apologetic apostrophes’ in Scots, aye?
• Please consider the magazine format when sending experimental or visual work. 


• All work must be previously unpublished both in print or online.

• Work should be submitted in Word Documents only. In the case of concrete poetry or work with a visual element please submit as a Word document with an accompanying PDF. In the case of multiple poems, please save and send them within a single word document – it makes our job much easier!

• Please include your name, address, postcode, and word count (or line count in the case of poetry) on a title sheet along with a 25 word bio.

• Put your name in the header of each page of your word document.

• Save your work as ‘firstname_surname_prose’ or ‘firstname_surname_poetry’. Also include the issue number '_Gutter21'? 

• Submissions can consist of up to a maximum of five poems totalling no more than 120 lines, or prose up to 3000 words (this can be just one, or multiple stories, but no more than 3000 words in total). Submissions totalling more than 3000 words of prose or 120 lines of poetry will not be read.

• Covering letters are welcome but not required. Do bear in mind that the editors don’t read the emails, only the attached submission documents, therefore all additional information that you feel is relevant to the submission should be contained on your title sheet.

• Successful contributors will be paid a flat fee of £25 for work published in the mag, regardless of length or style. This will be paid by cheque made out to the author name, please specify if you wish to be paid under a different name. Published authors will also receive a complimentary copy of the issue.

• All submissions should be sent via our online portal.

Gutter is operated by a small team and we receive a high volume of submissions. As such, we are presently unable to always send responses to submissions. Please take a note of the submission deadline and kindly refrain from sending work submitted to Gutter simultaneously to multiple magazines. If you have not received a response to your submission within six months, please feel free to submit elsewhere. 

Good luck!