Gutter magazineGutter is an award-winning, high quality, printed journal for fiction and poetry from writers born or living in Scotland. The editors believe there is a need for an energetic, ambitious magazine dedicated exclusively to the best in new Scottish creative writing.

Gutter now invites submissions of up to 3,000 words of fiction (short stories, novel extracts) or 160 lines of poetry. Preference will be given to provocative work that challenges, re-imagines or undermines the individual or collective status quo. We are also interested in work that relates Scotland to an international context.


Colin Begg, Adrian Searle

Managing Editor

Henry Bell

Reviews Editors

Katy Hastie, Sophie Sexon, Ryan Vance

Editorial Assistants

Robbie Guillory, Laura Waddell, Kate MacLeary

Editorial Board

Prof. Kirsty Gunn, Ian Jack, Bob McDevitt, Maggie McKernan, Alan Warner, Adrian Searle.

About the Publisher

Freight Books is a new imprint focused on publishing high quality fiction for an English speaking readership. We are committed to publishing work by established writers, brilliant debuts, short story collections, forgotten classics, occasional novels-in-translation and, from time to time, poetry collections. More info at Freight Books