A Clarification

In response to the opinion piece about Gutter published 24/09/19 in the Scotsman, Gutter has received some criticism for not explicitly referencing the work done by Helen Sedgwick between the magazine's incarnation and 2014, a period in which she held several roles and undoubtably shaped and furthered the magazine which continues to this day. While it was not our intention to minimise the role of any contributor in the brief section outlining Gutter's founding, instead focusing on the personal experience of editor Kate MacLeary, who joined the magazine in 2014 and has held a prominent role in taking the magazine beyond the collapse of its former parent publisher Freight, we would like to make it clear and for the record, here and as we have often verbalised, that we are grateful to Helen Sedgwick for the important role she played in Gutter, allowing us to carry onwards.