Then the Birds Came by MacGillivray

Then the Birds Came by MacGillivray was first published in Gutter 14 as part of our Spoken Word Issue. You can listen to it here:

Then the Birds Came

The birds
came in flocks, in June.
Some said it was omen, others angels –
still others devils. Only the fishermen breaking bread at
dawn, saw the strange winged beings dive-plummet
for the fish and rise again.
Egret, pippin-jay, swan, swallow,
nightingales, doves, flamingo,
wrens, ravens, crows, vultures,
blue-tits, red-tits, brown-tits,
kingfishers sparrows, plovers,
gulls of all kinds;
night gulls, herring gulls,
blackfoot gulls,
red winged gulls,
white winged gulls,
yellow billed gulls.
Hawks; penny hawks,
black hawks,
ruffed hawks,
gold hawks,
devil hawks,
. . .
the noise,
the noise
in the