Issue 20 Submission deadline:

15 April 2019

We are currently experiencing some issues with our submittable page. If it is not working for you then please send work to


We are extremely grateful to all the writers who send us their work and look forward to reading your prose and poetry. Please take a minute to read over the guidelines below and then send us your submissions for issue 20.

Submissions are increasing steadily with each issue, so to make the Editorial Team’s job faster and to enhance your chances of inclusion, please read and carefully adhere to the following guidance.

All work must be previously unpublished in print or on-line.

Gutter is operated by a small voluntary team and we receive a high volume of submissions. As such, we are presently unable to send responses to submissions. If you have not received a response to your submission within six months from the submission deadline, please feel free to submit elsewhere.

File format and administrative details:

• All submissions must be submitted via submittable

• Work should be submitted in Word Documents only. In the case of concrete poetry or work with a visual element please submit as a Word document with an accompanying PDF. In the case of multiple poems, please save and send them within a single word document – it makes our job much easier!

• Put your name in the header of each page of your word document

• Please include your name, address, postcode, and word count (or line count in the case of poetry) on a title sheet

• Save your work as ‘firstname_surname_prose’ or ‘firstname_surname_poetry’

Quantity of submission:

• Up to a maximum of five poems totaling no more than 120 lines, or prose up to 3500 words (this can be just one, or multiple stories, but no more than 3500 words in total)

Style Guide:

A) Prose & Drama:

• Garamond, Times or Arial 11 point, double-spaced and justified

• If using unconventional typography or layout, please include a pdf.

• Use single spaces between sentences.

• If you are using quotation-marks, use single speech marks for direct speech.

• Use italics for names of newspapers, magazines, books, ships, and trains.

• Use single quotes for names of songs, poems, stories

•Use ellipsis… (with no space beforehand) or endash – for pauses, and emdash for longer pauses

• No ‘apologetic apostrophes’ in Scots, aye?

B) Poetry:

• Garamond, Times or Arial 11 point

• Use single quotes for direct speech

• Italics for names of newspapers, magazines, books, ships, and trains

• Single quotes for names of songs, poems, stories

• No ‘apologetic apostrophes’ in Scots

• All other formatting is at the discretion of the poet, but please include a PDF if submitting open field poetry, concrete poetry or poetry that uses a variable left indent.

Please consider the magazine format when sending experimental or visual work.

Submissions totalling more than 3500 words of prose or 120 lines of poetry will not be read.

Covering letters are welcome but not required. Do bear in mind that the editors don’t read the emails, only the attached submission documents, therefore all additional information you feel is relevant to the submission should be contained on your title sheet.

Successful contributors will be paid a flat fee of £25 for work published in the mag, regardless of length or style. You will also receive a complimentary copy of the issue.

Good luck!



  1. Lindsay Oliver
    Lindsay Oliver
    at ·

    Dear Gutter,
    I would like to submit several poems, but I am unsure of what you mean by unpublished. I have placed a video of me reading one of the poems on youtube. Would you consider such a poem as unpublished. Thank you for your time.
    Lindsay Oliver

    1. admin
      at ·

      Hi Lindsay,

      Thanks for your interest in Gutter! We consider published work to be publication by a third party in print, therefore your YouTube videos wouldn’t prevent you submitting to Gutter. You can find the submission guidelines on the website.

  2. Archana
    at ·

    Dear Gutter,

    If I have shared poetry on wordpress or my personal facebook page, can I still submit it to Gutter?


    1. admin
      at ·

      Hi Archana,

      Yes it can be submitted. We define publication as being previously published in print by a third party.

      Thanks for your interest in Gutter!

  3. DD
    at ·

    When people start referring to Youtube as ‘published’ work, one has to wonder how another views the validity of publication. Sigh. Deep sigh.

  4. freight
    at ·

    Hi Johnathan, Of course- sounds like a Scottish connection to me 🙂 Remember the deadline is 31st October 2014 if you want to submit for Gutter 12.

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