Gutter Issue 10 Contents



­­­Juana Adcock
Pennies, or how I single handedly got us out of the crisis

Gregor Addison
Hrabal in Dumbarton

Helen Addy
The Mole

Nick Athanasiou

William Bonar
Hymn to Persephone

Margaret Callaghan
Extracts from The Last Big Weekend of the Summer

Jim Carruth
Christmas Baling
J.M.W. Turner’s The Fighting Temeraire
Narrow Lane
The Barrow and the Common Grave

Frances Corr
The Undulations of Mr Whisper

David Crystal
From The Atlas Mountains, with Love
Professor Karimo
One Crutch Danny

David Forrest
The Last Makar

Martin Cathcart Froden
A Floating Halfway House

Graham Fulton
Book Terrorist

J Johannesson Gaitán
Beluga Song

Lesley Glaister

Charlie Gracie
On Benbulben

Steve Harvey
After Reading the Collected Poems of ASJ Tessimond

Kevin Henderson
A Jewelled Whip

Linda Henderson

James Irvine
In praise of the city
Scotland’s War Song

Vicki Jarrett

Brian Johnstone
Five Poems from: THE RING CYCLE a circle of follies

Shaunagh Jones
The Bird Woman

Lindsay MacGregor
Closing Monostiches

Vicky MacKenzie
The Guddle

Kevin MacNeil

Sean Martin
Borges’ Paradox
The Girl Who Got onto the Ferry in Citizen Kane

Katy McAulay
Extract from the novel What We’re Looking For

Marion McCready
I Love Him Like an Oak Table

John McGlade
Don’t Put One Egg In All Your Baskets

Carol McKay
War Bird

Donal McLaughlin
College St., Kolkata

Hugh McMillan
Flacking Crombled wi Shommers o Drod an Fistering Sleugh
Book Launch, Oxford 2009
Via Sacre

Wendy Miller
The Sentence

John Douglas Miller

Stephen Nelson
Fish Tales of a New Pilgrim

Wayne Price
The Boys of Summer

Olive M Ritch
Two Faced; Like Hagar

Kay Ritchie

Samuel Derrick Rosen
Blonde Woman with Sunglasses

Tracey S Rosenberg

Mark Russell
Alone in a Room with God

Ethyl M Smith
Seein’s Believin

Kathrine Sowerby
My Dresses Appear in Markets

Alan Spence
The Moon: Three Poems

Richard W Strachan

Zoë Strachan
Extract from the novel Thicker Than Water

Simon Sylvester
Circle Stone

Judith Taylor
The Details
The Symbolists

Ruth Thomas
Inside Outside

Kate Tough
William Carlos Williams: First Lines, Found

Kate Tregaskis
Mr Lion

Tim Turnbull
House of Wax

Lynnda Wardle
There are some things still beautiful in Africa

Zoë Wicomb
Art Work

Colin Will
Digital Trees

Jim C Wilson
Landscape With Figures; My Man