Gutter News

Thanks so much for your patience! As you have probably noticed, Issue 17 of the magazine was not published in August as originally scheduled. You may have heard that there have been some personnel changes at our publisher Freight, but we’re happy to announce that Gutter 17 will be published in November. The selected authors will be contacted shortly and subscribers should receive their copies by December too.

Issue 18 will follow slightly later than usual in the spring. And by August we’ll be back on track.

Submissions for Issue 18 are open now. It’s been a tough couple of months but we are really happy that Gutter will be continuing as an independent co-operative company, with Freight continuing to design and provide artwork for the publication. We really appreciate all the support we have received from so many quarters and we are delighted that Gutter can carry on playing an important role in Scottish writing, and bringing you the best new prose and poetry.

Those of you that are keen to keep supporting the magazine can subscribe or become a friend of Gutter here — it is very much appreciated, and we will be in touch with more news over the coming months.

Many thanks,

The Gutter Team