Gutter 12 writers announced

Gutter magazine is delighted to announce those writers included in our forthcoming Issue 12. Published writers include Janice Galloway, Jim Carruth, Cheryl Follon, Lesley Glaister, Alasdair Gray, Diana Hendry, Brian Johnstone, William Letford, Wayne Price, Cynthia Rogerson, Gerda Stevenson and Hamish Whyte, while there is an interview with Forward Prize-winner Kei Miller. A full list is included below. To subscribe click here.


Akhtar, Rizwan Ghazal

al-Karmy, Tareq, Jobs For The Dead

Allan, Kirstie, Increasing Caesura

Atalla, Rachelle, Spine



Baillie, Fran Damsel

Bay, Jonathan Pepos and False Berries

Berry, Robert James, Gorgeous

Bonar, William, The Ingenious Gentleman of La Mancha Hung Over the North Sea

Buckland, Mark, Midrash



Campbell, Aimee , Visit (065)

Carruth, Jim, Belfast Bus (136)

Cizacka, Defne Confessions of Kibar (099)

Coutts, Zoe, Critique of Violence (074)

Crystal, David The Age of Reason



Davis, RA Zweig



Follon, Cheryl, Eight poems from Silly Billies

Fulton, Graham, Bowel Screening Test, Flying



Galloway, Janice, Almost 1948

Giles, Harry,  Early Days / Neither 45 Nor 1

Gill, ML, Navigating the Enola Gay

Glaister, Lesley, Sleeper

Glover, Danni, Statutory Right

Gray, Alasdair From A Paraphrase of Dante’s Sublime Comedy, Canto 9



Henderson, JM , Poetry Reading in the Highlands

Hendry, Diana, Boys



Jackson Andy,  An Invocation to St Fiacre / The Catechism of St. John of Capistrano

Johnstone Brian, Railings / Samizdat



Khalifa, Rached, Nuit Blanche

Kumar Chhetri, Nabin / Death



Lawrenson, Dorothy, The Zaps

Letford, William, A Small Scale Disturbance

Little, Pippa, A Thrawn Tryst

Lovering, Juliet The Edison Portable Boiler



MacIntyre, Martin Scotland 3 Holland 2

Macpherson, Ian, Soggy Bottom Baby

Martainn Mac an t-Saoir, Alba 3 An Òlaind 2

McGonigal, James, Flatpack Poem

McInnes, Joe Still life

McMillan, Hugh, Extract from the novel Galloway: An Unreliable Tour

Micaela Maftei & Laura Tansley, A Change is as Good as a Rest

Miller, Kei, Interview with

Murray, Donald S , Tale of a Cosmic Crofter – No 4



Powici, Chris,  Flights / Miles

Price, Wayne, Joha in Tamegroute / Headstand / Naked



Rogerson, Cynthia The Delay

Ritchie, Kay Tightrope Walker



Sanderson, Stewart, Six Aphorisms on the Nature of Language

Scott, Hamish,  A makar’s retiral / The Nou

Shippin, Roddy Schrödinger’s Playlist

Stevenson, Gerda, The Apple Tree

Stewart, Anna, Dog Trouble

Sowerby, Katherine, Borrowed Light / Bryndzové Halušky

Srdic, Srdjan, About a Door

Strachan, Shane, On a Painting by Sang Jianguo



Tongue, Samuel, Aleph-Beth / The Street is an Extended Phenotype



Watt, George T ,  Ma Mither’s Luver/The Miser’s Sporran

Whyte, Hamish, Company / Central

Will, Colin, Thomas Glover’s Nagasaki

Wojtas, Olga , The Main Point of Contention in the Divorce was the Wedding Photos