Gutter 11 line-up announced

Gutter 11We are delighted to announce the line-up for Gutter 11, which is released in August.

Rached Khalifa, Ants

Liam Murray Bell, Camel

Carol McKay, Plein Sud

Vicki Jarrett, Bingo Wings

Eleanor Thom, Oona

Roddy Lumsden, Bad Players

Roddy Lumsden, Towns You Only Pass Through

Roddy Lumsden, Fear of Lions

Mike Saunders, Split

Graham Hardie, Valencia

David McKelvie, Corrugated Iron

Craig Coyle, A Demonstration

Craig Coyle, Lab Notes for Vladimir Holan

Andy Jackson, The Witness of St Benedict of Nursia

Rob A Mackenzie, Atmospheric

Stuart A Paterson, The Low Road

George T. Watt, Slugs

Mike Russell, Virgil’s Last Flight

Ever Dundas, Freud is Dead

Tendai Huchu, Starbucks

Lynsey May, Things I Have Found in the Junction Street Post Box

Diana Hendry, The House Where I Was Born

Dorothy Alexander, Maiden

J Johannesson Gaitán, The Tent

Ross McGregor, She woke atween Borrheid and Central

Jim Carruth, If my gran had ever met Don Giovanni

Hamish Scott, An Erdlin cosmonaut’s delyte on seein the Flag o Erd in anither galaxie

J Johannesson Gaitán, The First Language

Jane Bonnyman, Ferns

Jane Bonnyman, A Fine Talk

Dan Spencer, Works (Portraits)

Colin Herd, Sol’s a choreographer

Martin MacInnes, The Collected History of Museums

Russell Jones, Kingfisher

Robert James Berry, Oruru

Jim Carruth, Call of the corncrake

Susan Haigh, Werewoods

Fran Baillie, Pavie

Jim Ferguson, from a diary found in the rubbish– not serialised in any newspaper:

Wendy Miller, Definition of an Optimist:

Ross Wilson, ‘Likes’

Christopher Barnes, Nut Roast

Christopher Barnes, The House Of Illusions

Charlie Gracie, hospital tea break

A P Pullan, Billy the Rig

Tom Pow, Threads From A Dying Village 1

John McGlade, New Dawn

Nick Brooks, William John Jackie for short

Jennifer McCartney, Preface to the novel Buffalo

Sally Evans, Birdie Chorus (after Aristophanes)

Seth Crook, The Buntings of the Isle of Mull

Seth Crook, Small thoughts

Seth Crook, The April Birds Proclaim their Natural Rights

Maggie Rabatski, Shelia Templeton, A C Clarke, Naidheachd / News-Gizzen / News

A C Clarke, Maggie Rabatski, Sheila Templeton, Fr Meslier* in his study / Maighstir

Meslier na Sheomar-leughaidh / Faither Meslier Amang His Buiks

Sheila Templeton, Maggie Rabatski, A C Clarke, Lairnin Aboot Luve / Leasan / Lesson in Love

Andy Jackson, The Cryptographer’s Song

Ewan Gault, What were you going to do with those 15 minutes?

Diana Hendry, The Scattering

Andrew McLinden, A Song Died

Alison Scott, ‘I and Thou’

Ciara MacLaverty, Pipes

Beth McDonough, Broken

Henry Bell, My Grandmother’s Commonplace Book

Judith Taylor, Flute song

Kathrine Sowerby, Me with ‘Juggler’, 1952

Kathrine Sowerby, Anne and ‘Pacer’, 1953

Janette Ayachi, Faun

Graham Fulton, Bring Me the Head of John Logie Baird

Dilys Rose, What This Place Needs

Kirsty Gunn, Glenhead

Lynnda Wardle, Acacia Gardens

Rob A Mackenzie, Live at the Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh, 2014

Graham Fulton, The Poetry Reaper