Contributors by Kate Tough

Contributors by Kate Tough was first published in Gutter 14 as part of our Spoken Word Issue. You can listen to it here:


a former assistant professor alumni fellow
his poems appear in the current
his lobster have even crossed the Atlantic

poet, artist, editor, author
former editor of author of co-founder and
recent finalist in a participant
previously taught at later this year
will be upcoming in commissioned and
lives in an award winning Filling Station

poems have recently appeared in the 17th-century
poems have appeared in Waterways and Permafrost

a sixth generation candidate of found poems
has been accepted by various, among others
has been awarded penknives
from the Northwest Cultural College

poetry reader
leader, among others
a few dozen other—
whose names he can’t remember offhand

regularly gripes in the Cultural Quarter of Bristol, England
and throughout the United States

in his spare time he likes his sons and wife
(whose names he can’t remember offhand)
and writes a daily poem using The Sow’s Ear
earned a new work grant
to write a new collection of glam rock
it will be named after a racecar driver
fleeting moments can be found here

a writer from the state of Fragile Context
she has been told her work is like
caring for potted cacti in Tupelo, Kentucky

she holds degrees in typewriter ribbons and felt-tip pens
her most recent body of work focuses on hardship—
Thrush in its many forms
Thrush in the Inner Passage

she finds herself deeply inspired by The Aquarium
in which her childhood was steeped

among others and others and other places was born
embracing, questioning and sometimes subverting
often wishes she was a bat

a two-time poet and regulatory compliance supervisor
she ended up in Badlands drinking a coke
before deciding to move Into The Heartland
now lives in the New York Times crossword puzzle
and elsewhere, both online and in the Hebrides

graduated from pre-kindergarten
received a special mention

a writer from the state of madeupmovement
please visit
or follow him

The New Poet
has been writing for many years.

Source: The Found Poetry Review, Volume Seven, “Contributors” section.