Allen Ginsberg Introduces Soft Drugs to Scottish Poetry c.1973 by Stuart A Paterson

Allen Ginsberg introduces soft drugs to Scottish Poetry c.1973 was first published in Gutter 13 (Autumn 2015). Stuart A Paterson, born 1966, lives by the Solway Coast and walks a lot. His collection Border Lines was released by Indigo Dreams Publishing in August 2015.


Coiver of Gutter 13

Of legends, surely this is premium stuff.

Al Ginsberg, hipster, beardy lord of beats

jets into Scotland, bringing love & puff,

hep-scattergunning Scotia’s staid retreats

of literature, gets Norman out his box,

shocks Sorley with his free verse blowbacks, leaves

Sid Smith translating Karma into Scots,

smokes rolled up poetry with Valda Grieve.


Chris hasn’t smiled since he had lowping hives

(we’re guessing but we think in ’35).

The bearded hep god says to him, what if,

& offers him the misted king of spliffs.

Hours later, lost in some world-deep epistle,

a stoned man listens to a drunken thistle.


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